5 Things You Need To Do After a Car Accident


More than six million car accidents are being reported every year in the United States. One auto crash is reported in the police station after every 5 seconds. It means that you are at a risk of having a crash after every 5 seconds while driving a car. Such is the risk that you take while driving a car. Therefore, you must know in advance what you will do if you are a victim of this bitter reality. No worry, I am going to unveil the first 5 steps that you must take after an auto accident.


Report the Accident

On the top of all, you must call the police immediately after the encounter. In spite of the intensity of the crash, you should report your accident. You must know that escaping from the crash scene is a crime in some of the states.

If you do not know the rules of your state, then you should report the accident straightaway, this is a standard protocol. On the other hand, if you are seriously injured, then you can ask the rescuers or other persons to call the police.


Note All the Details

Noting down the accident details is very crucial. If you sustained minor injuries, then you must use a pen and paper and write down the following details:


  • Write names of people who are involved in the accidents. You must also note the license numbers of the drivers. Also, write the injuries of the people. It will be an ideal if you note the names and addresses of the eye witnesses. All these details will help you in the police investigation.
  • Time, date and location of the impact
  • Vehicle numbers and models
  • Weather conditions
  • Make a rough diagram of the encounter, if possible


Contact Your Insurance Agent and Lawyer

You must contact your insurance agent immediately after the accident. Many insurance companies do not accept the insurance claim if you report after a specified time in the terms and conditions.

In the same fashion, you must contact your lawyer. If you don’t have a lawyer, then you must know how to find a local car accident lawyer. A great one that we recommend is MRD Lawyers who is a top defense attorney in Springfield, MO and a great attorney for traffic tickets, accidents and more.¬†

A car accident lawyer will assist you to get escaped from serious charges. You are not supposed to hide any detail from the lawyer. Tell him all the minor details about the accident.


Keep a Record of the Officials

Keep a comprehensive record of the police and insurance officials to whom you talked. Write down the names and time on a paper. Record the whole discussion.  Note the badge number of the police officer. This recording will definitely help you because no official can alter his statement. Keep the copy of the police report because it will help you in the insurance claim.


Visit the Doctor

The fifth and last step is to visit the doctor. Whether you have a minor injury or a serious, you must go to the doctor.  Importantly, you must take the bill receipt from the doctor and you can also claim this bill in the suit.

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